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Friday, January 11, 2013

Mothers and Daughters

I was standing in line this afternoon, behind three people: an elderly woman, her daughter, and the daughter's husband.  The woman must have become disoriented because she turned to me and told me I could go ahead of her, because she'd lost her daughter.  The daughter exasperatedly exclaimed, "MOM!"  She then looked to her husband and rolled her eyes.  I'm certain there is more to the story than what I witnessed, but the exchange made me sad.

I am certain I rolled my eyes at my mother on more than one occasion, and that a majority of those eye-rolls occurred somewhere between my fourteenth and eighteenth year of life.  I know that I was harder on her than anyone else.  As I've grown older, and especially after I became a mother myself, I have realized I was probably that way with her because I knew she'd love me no matter what.

So it made me sad that this grown woman was treating her mother that way.  If her mother was anything like mine, she sacrificed sleep and sanity to provide her daughter with everything she needed - emotionally and physically.  If her mother was anything like mine, she wishes for nothing more than for her children to be healthy and happy, and would give up her own health and happiness to fulfill that wish.  If her mother was anything like mine, she cherishes hugs and loving gestures from her family - much more than material possessions.

The exchange I witnessed made me consider how my daughter will one day treat me.  It made me worry that she'll look at me with exasperation if one day I become disoriented or ask her a question one too many times.

As I stood there, with all this running through my head, worrying about how my daughter will treat me one day, I realized I can do nothing about that now.  All I can do is cherish and love my mother, the way she has done for me all my life - the way she deserves to be treated.  If that provides a positive example for my daughter and strengthens our relationship now and in years to come, it's icing on the cake!

Thanks Mom.  I love you!

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