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Friday, September 28, 2012


Sometimes I catch my kids in moments, when they don't know I'm looking.  The other night I was putting my daughter to bed and had to step out of the room for something.  When I returned, she had a huge book in her lap, and was "reading" it out loud.  I sat on the floor quietly and just watched her for a minute or two until she realized I was there.  As I watched her, in my mind I could still see the baby in her cheeks, but I could also see the teenager she'll become before I even know it's happened.

I love these moments.  I watch them, and it's clear that they are learning something or realizing something, or just storing a tiny moment of their own in their minds, which they may never consciously remember, but is already helping to form the person they'll be.

I believe that as a mother, I do a lot of things well.  Admittedly, however, one thing I could certainly improve upon is being more present when I am with my kids.  Too often I am thinking about all that's left to do before I can go to bed, planning the next day, or stewing over something already done.

So when moments like the one in my daughter's room the other night occur, it is a great reminder to me to slow down and just be with them.  If I don't, I'm going to miss something!


  1. I love this Sara. You're write, sometimes we need to stop, to slow down and really enjoy our children. They grow impossibly fast. So many times I find myself more caught up in work, friends, or whatever is happening on the internet to really focus on Anthony. It's something I need to work on.

    Love Letters 7.10

  2. Well said! Piper changes so much every. single. day. I can't even believe how big she is now, compared to the smooshy newborn that she was.

    My Little Birds