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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random thoughts

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was pretty naive.  I sincerely had no idea that there were such intense debates regarding so many very personal decisions.  I knew there was always going to be the breast vs. formula feeding argument, but there's so much more!  Co-sleeping vs. crib, circumcise or not, cry-it-out or asleep in the arms....the list goes on.

What I also did not realize is how much emotion - anger, sadness, guilt - is behind these debates.  I became a part of an online community when I got pregnant with my son.  I "met" many women from all areas of the country (and some outside the country), from all walks of life, with varied histories and stories.  It became apparent very quickly that these issues would become sources of tension and in some cases hurt.

I have no problem with healthy discussions, and I have learned SO much this time around.  In fact, I was pretty clueless with my first.  But that's just it: I was clueless, but so far she's turning out pretty well!  If I was concerned about something, I asked the Pediatrician and did a little of my own research.  I talked to my parents (after all, they got two of us to adulthood!), I talked to other mothers I trusted, and most of all I used COMMON SENSE.

At the end of the day, we all love our children, and we are doing what we believe is best, based upon the information we've gathered.  Being a parent is tough.  We all need support.  I hope we can continue to learn from one another, grow as people and parents, but stop putting each other down for our choices.

Happy, healthy children are created in many different ways!