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Monday, September 24, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog (and a Flower Girl!)

I never had an interest in blogging.  Frankly, I never thought anyone would be interested in reading one I wrote.  Then I began to think of all the friends and family we have spread all over the US (and a few in Canada and Europe).  I enjoy keeping up with all of them, and though FaceBook helps a lot, it's nice to get a few more details from time to time.  So, here I am.

I'm a wife and a mommy to two young children.  My family means everything to me.  It's taken me a long time, and a lot of bumps in the road to get to this place, with these people.  I'll tell anyone who'll listen about them, and that's what I plan to do here.  If you have any interest in knowing what's going on in our world, check back!

Official Blog Entry #1:

My daughter was a Flower Girl in a wedding this weekend.  She was so excited about it for so long.  It was all I could do to keep her out of her "pretty white dress" until the big day.  We watched video after video on youtube, preparing her for the task ahead.

After a little nap on the day of the wedding, she went to the salon to get a big-girl hair style for the first time ever.  She was a little intimidated, but a trooper!
When we finally got her into her "pretty white dress", I think it's safe to say she liked what she saw!
She did a fantastic job at her duties.  I heard at least a dozen times that night how cute she is and what a wonderful job she did.  And as we walked away from the church, this sight had a little lump in my throat and tears in my eyes:

What a lucky lady I am!


  1. I love her! Seriously, how did you get such a perfect daughter?!

    Love Letters 7.10

  2. Oh my goodness! The picture of her kissing the mirror is too much, what a doll!