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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Daddy's Girls

The relationship between a father and daughter is a very special one.  Growing up, I had a pretty cool relationship with my dad.  We joked around a lot and had a lot of fun.  My dad always challenged me to do my best, and wasn’t afraid to tell me when he knew I wasn’t.  He taught me that it’s okay to have my own opinions, but that I had better be able to back them up with facts.  We spent many evenings debating current issues, and I always joke that I became a Liberal because my dad is a Conservative and I liked fighting with him.  As I got older, I always knew I could count on my dad for the big stuff, and I frequently did!  I’m sure I broke his heart a million times, but he’s never shown me anything but love (tough love sometimes!) and support.

There’s an old theory that a woman marries a man like her father.  I definitely see a lot of similarities between my husband and my dad, and one of the most significant (and best) comparisons is that my husband is already fostering a unique and wonderful relationship with our daughter, like my dad did with me.

They are two of the silliest people I’ve ever met.  When the two of them start playing and giggling together, it’s contagious. 

He is a patient teacher to her, always answering her questions and explaining the new things in the world she’s noticing.

He is teaching her a love of music.  There aren’t many 3 year-olds in the world who will request Sam Cooke during a ride in the car!

He uses tough love when it’s necessary, and though she doesn’t understand it now, it’s harder on him than it is on her.

Though he’s tired from a full day himself, as often as he can, he sits and reads to her before bed.  Lately it’s been the Dr Seuss story of her choosing.  I’m sincerely not sure who enjoys it more!

A little while ago he was driving the kids to daycare in the morning.  He noticed a huge, brilliant rainbow in the sky, but our daughter couldn’t see it from her position in the back seat.  He was already running late for work, but he pulled the car over, got her out, and stood holding her up so she could see it.  Things like that stick in a little girl’s mind.
This is THE rainbow!

I could go on for days about their relationship.  I consider myself incredibly lucky to call him my husband, but she is even luckier to call him Daddy. 

Oh, and I still consider myself lucky to call mine Daddy too!

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  1. This is beautiful. My relationship with my father was rough, but just starting to get amazing over the last 8 years. I hope that my husband and daughter get, and stay close from early on!

    My Little Birds