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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Follow up appointment

We saw our Dr. Gallant and Cricket today, for a check-up from little man's surgery.  It was all good news.  Doc is really happy with the way the repair looks.  We can leave the arm restraints off all the time now, which makes everyone's life easier, and his a lot happier.  

Playing "peek" with me in the car after our appointment
Our next procedure will be outpatient, and will work to reshape his nose.  When he was born, one nostril was pulled completely flat.  During the first surgery, our doctor worked on it quite a bit.  It already looks much better than it did, but he's a perfectionist (thank God!), and wants to work on it again.  Since it's outpatient, the recovery won't be as long or as difficult.  After that procedure, we'll be able to take a break until he's 6 or 7 years old.  Phew!!!

My husband and I both went to the appointment, and ended up taking our daughter too, more due to lack of time to drop her off elsewhere than anything.  She loves the All Children's facilities - plenty of games, toys and activities to keep her entertained.  She finally got to meet the doctor and nurse who fixed her brother's "boo-boos".  An interesting way to spend a morning together as a family, but it was together nonetheless.

My husband and I sincerely thank every one of our friends, family, acquaintances and strangers who prayed, thought about, sent gifts, visited, called, texted, etc.  We have really felt as though there are an amazing number of people pulling for our little man (and us), and that is overwhelming.

We are looking forward to regaining some normalcy in our lives (and maybe getting a little sleep!).  

So much love to so many!!!

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