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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Time spent

Last night my incredibly helpful husband was cleaning the kitchen and washing baby dishes when I got home with our kids.  He continued doing that while I held the baby and we talked about a few household items.  When he finished he asked me what I wanted him to do next.  I told him I'd love it if he'd come in the living room and we could all just hang out together.  We really don't get a lot of time to do that, and we had a great evening.  We talked and played and giggled on the floor together as a family, then headed upstairs for baths and more play time.

We both work full-time, and my husband travels quite frequently.  Especially when I'm home alone with the kids, it's far too often easier to turn the TV on for them while I cook, or clean, or get things ready for the next day, or.....(you get the picture).  However, it's the evenings we leave the TV off and just spend time together that go so much more smoothly.  Our daughter listens better, there's a lot of laughter, and I feel like I actually had a chance to see my children that day.

I certainly don't think that we are bad parents for over-utilizing the television.  Nor do I think that we love our children any less than parents who allow less TV time.  I think we are just human parents, who have recognized an area in which we could do better - so we will.

There is no manual for parenting.  There are a lot of books, articles, experts and people who claim to be experts, where you can find information and opinions.  Those things certainly have their place.  However, there is no replacement for common sense, parental instinct, love and trial and error.

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