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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Little Man's Progress

Now that my son's two major surgeries are complete, we embark upon the longer journey full of specialists and therapies.  I took him to a Speech and Language Pathologist on Tuesday.  SLPs handle feeding issues in children also.  She observed him eating - from a spoon, his fingers and a bottle.

Her analysis was over-all a good one.  We have things to work on, but given the fact that he had his palate repaired a month ago, and his steady progress, she thinks he'll catch up in no time.

We talked a little bit about speech and the things we need to watch for and encourage in him.  Though he babbles a lot, he's not making some of the sounds they'd like to hear from him.  So we'll keep working on it and re-visit in the coming months.

Everything with my daughter came so easily, and right on schedule, if not ahead of it.  I worry that some day he'll be hurt and discouraged by the fact that she hasn't had these struggles, and he has, and does.

There is so much more that goes in to something like a cleft lip and palate than just the visual repairs.  We are beginning to learn what all of those things are.  I continue to pray that we can support him through all of it, so he has the best life possible.  Through it all, he continues to be a smiling little charmer, and quite the trooper!

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